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Stinky Bay Brewing Co.

Our Story

Brewing great beers and spreading the joy since 2017.


We, myself (Matt) and Digby, conceived the idea of starting a brewery while travelling in British Columbia - a place of world class beers. Visiting all the small-town microbreweries had us scratching our heads; why on earth wasn't there a better offering of beers back in Jersey? So, after a significant volume of delicious beers, and an far-flung plan sprawled on the back of a napkin, we came up with a world beating formula.... Though, in the sober light of morning, safe to say, we shelved the idea as another far fetched dream.

However, once seasonal work came to an end, it looked like we would both end up in Jersey at the same time. Wondering as to what we could do, the hop-fuelled napkin idea came back into the  conversation - and as they say, the rest is history!


Digby has since moved on to different pastures, but we're still the best of mates, and I manage the brewery along with a little help from family and friends. 

The last couple of years have had many ups and downs - ruined beer and "eureka" moments - but there's still nothing I'd rather be doing than figuring out what this company wants to be when it grows up! And tinkering with that next brew!


Matt - Founder and Brewer


Our Brewery

After all, we need somewhere to make beer!


Our vision

To create a culture based around Stinky Bay Brewing Company, that invokes adventure and fun.

At first, we were pretty much just selling home-brew to a few eager (and maybe slightly too trustworthy) friends, and people we knew with businesses of their own; restaurants, shops and pubs.

That was all on a 100 litre brew kit which was, for all intensive purposes, some very large kitchen pots! Still, in February of 2018 it was enough to launch our first batch of beer, the now iconic Stinky Bay Session IPA, at a beer festival up at Jersey Rugby Club. It went down awesomely, there was a queue of people at the door as it opened, who all made a bee-line for our bar, to try what the first micro-brewery to open up in decades had to offer.

Since then, we've upgraded just a little... and now our brew system is able to produce 800 litres of malty goodness per day. We don't brew everyday though, it rather depends on the how good the weather is! This means we are producing 30,000+ litres a year; that's enough for 1/4 of everyone in Jersey to have a pint of Stinky Bay!

How we'll get there

By brewing some damn fine beers and spreading the joy! This will be achieved by sharing the experience with customers and encouraging a sense of community. Growth of the company will be an authentic process, and our brand identity will be as much based on our products as it will our philosophy. 

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